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Springmount Services have been providing cleaning services to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes since we commenced our Singapore operations in 2015.  Our  services  include  supervision and  cleaning  of  the retail mall, management offices, tenancies and special VIP events. Our company is also responsible for the grinding and polishing of the marble flooring within the mall.

All our staff are trained in accredited WSQ Environmental Cleaning and we have qualified specialist staff that manage our machinery.  Our team was recently recognized for our efforts in promoting  and  enhancing  the  standard   of  restroom  cleanliness.  Our  client  Marina  Bay   Sands   was   the   first   in   Singapore   to   achieve   the  6 star toilet  rating  from  the   Restroom   Association.   Our   cleaning teams   have   received   awards   for   their dedication and hard work in the cleaning  industry.

Springmount  Services  are  certified to Bizsafe level 3 and hold a  Clean  Mark  Silver  Accreditation.