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Springmount Services directly employs its workforce to provide clients with assurance of a consistent level of service delivery. We invest in training our workforce to continually upskill and maintain a high quality of service to our clients. Our goal is to equip our staff with the correct tools and provide the training to develop and grow within our organisation. We continually train our staff and look for opportunities to promote employees within our company. Training commences from a new employee’s induction and continues through ongoing training and education via innovative online training videos that support a truly diverse workforce. These are supported by toolbox talks, formal training sessions, employee handbooks and general correspondence.

All sites have their own specific training schedule including weekly toolbox meetings, chemical/equipment, workplace health and safety, risk management and cost controlling etc. Our chemical/equipment training is conducted onsite with our suppliers to ensure that our staff are kept up to date with the latest in technology and procedures. We also provide cross training and future career progression for all employees.


We have developed our own online training programme that can be accessed via onsite ipads, iphones or computers. This training tool offers greater flexibility to our Managers/ Supervisors and assists with site inductions and toolbox training. Our online training modules include our standard operating procedures and additional training relating to our company certified quality, environmental and OHS management systems. We are continually reviewing and developing new training modules to further enhance our service delivery.